About Us

About Us

Tours – Point is a commercial brand, based in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, dedicated to the operation and commercialization of excursions and leisure activities since 2009;

From our beginnings, following our motto “what you want” we have been entertaining, daily, hundreds of tourists of various nationalities in motorized adventures: Buggies and ATVs, ecological excursions: Horseback riding and Safaris, maritime adventures: cruises in Catamaran and walks in Speedboats, and other interesting and fun attractions for the enjoyment of the public.

Today, our company, with more than 100 employees, two bases of operation of first level, for motorized land adventures (Buggies, ATVs, Polaris) in the area of ​​Macao, the famous and cozy Rancho Tours Point, dedicated to provide the best equestrian experience on the island, a cozy base of water operations (Catamaran and Speed-Boat) in the beautiful and popular Los Corales beach, and a reservation center with latest generation communication technologies, and a staff committed to the quality of service To the client, we are undoubtedly the leading company in our business segment in the Dominican Republic.

Proof of the foregoing are the important Receptors that we have in our client portfolio, and they prefer us as their motorized excursion provider, and the more than 200,000 hikers we serve in 2017.


Mission, Vision, Values ​​and strategy

Our mission:

Improve the quality of excursions offered to tourists visiting the area, through the timely launching of products with proven, controlled services and quality; and therefore help to increase the number of tourists who decide to make an excursion or extra-hotel activity.

Our vision:

In a world where updated information is more present and available to all, including tourists who, before traveling, inform themselves about various aspects of the tourist destination and its offers, we will be a leading provider of excursions and services in the areas of safety for the hiker. , customer service, quality of services, innovation and care for the environment, aspiring to become the most admired company in our business segment in view of all the people and entities that have a relationship with our company.

Our values:

  • Satisfying our customers
  • Fulfill our commitments
  • Motivate professional development
  • Depend on each other

Our strategy, We:

  • We will increase the number of hikers, thus increasing sales of Touroperadores and / or Receptivos as well as ours.
  • We will make the most of our brands and products, as well as our capabilities to offer: safety to the hiker, customer service, quality and innovation.
  • We will create partnerships with key customers and suppliers.
  • We will continue to invest to maintain our leading position as the leading company in our current excursion segment, and we will make the most of our important intellectual property resources.
  • We will strengthen our leadership capabilities.
  • We will promote sales through the transformation of the business and operational excellence.