Restrictions for excursion activities


  • Pregnant women, or people under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances are not accepted.
  • Children under age must always travel accompanied by an adult responsible for their care.
  • Our company is not responsible for the individual care of each child participating in the tour.
  • We are not responsible for the personal care of the participants.

The minimum age to drive:

  • ATV, BUGGIES and POLARIS RAZOR vehicles is 18 years old.

The minino age for companions in:

  • BUGGIES / POLARIS RAZOR is 04 years old, in ATV (Fourwheels) it is 08 years old.

The minimum age for the excursion:

  • Pirate Adventure / Pirate Ship is 02 years old, Canopy / Zip line: 06 years old

The minimum age for the excursion:

  • Horseback Riding / Horsebackriding is 04 years, mounted with an adult on the same horse, and 08 years to ride alone.

On ATV, Buggy and Polaris vehicles excursions:

  • Rates do not apply for children since the vehicle is sold / rented.

In the Excursion Super Canopy Bavaro:

  • Children’s rate applies from 06 to 12 years

On the Pirate Ship Excursion:

  • Children rate applies from 02 to 12 years old

On the Horseback Riding / Horseback Riding Tour:

  • Children accompanying from 04 to 08 years old
  • Riding children rate applies from 08 to 12 years


The maximum age for all excursions is 65 but there may be exceptions as long as the person shows good health and is willing to sign a document discharging all responsibility to the company.


Recommended maximum weight in excursions:

  • ATV AND BUGGIES: 250 Pounds; POLARIS RAZOR: 350 Pounds; CANOPY: 300 Pounds; PIRATE BOAT: 350 pounds
  • The weight restrictions are indicative, we reserve the right to refuse participants in our excursions in order to protect their physical integrity and / or that of other participants.


Our Adventure excursions are not recommended for people with heart conditions, or back problems or injuries.